CeFPro Magazine Issue 17 launches this week!

Issue 17 of the CeFPro Magazine features sections focusing on Non-Financial Risk, ESG, Credit Risk, Resilience and ALM. Including insights from global industry thought leaders. 

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CRO interview series – CeFPro interviews c-suite experts weekly on a range of topics

Part 2: In follow up to last weeks interview, CeFPro interviewed Wolfgang Koehler, CRO, Member of the Management Board, Mizuho Securities Europe on the evolving risk landscape in the COVID-19 pandemic. 


What a difference a year makes - Looking at the liquidity and repo markets going forward

Oskar Rogg, Head of Treasury, Credit Agricole discusses the evolution of liquidity and repo markets and the impact of the global pandemic and industry responses to maintain resilience.


Bank of England asks how ready banks are for negative rates

BoE took additional steps towards introducing zero or negative rates to support the UK economy. BoE wrote to banks asking them to complete a form on preparedness to deal with a change to zero or negative rates. 



White paper: “Impact of the EU’s 5th AMLD” get your copy!

Our paper discusses the implications and some solutions for obliged entities in the context of Corporate CDD, the enhanced expectations on Beneficial Ownerdata , disclosures of discrepancies, and the importance of Ongoing Monitoring of corporate entity and associated person data, following recent enforcement actions. 


Digital banking means better banking for many 

Banks must continue to adapt to changes to make banking better and assist in de-risking economies. Building a platform that allows for adaptation to continuous change will make banking better for billions. 



Credit risk modelling for low default portfolios

How to save costs while modelling your Low Default Portfolios!

Running proprietary IRB-Models is a costly business, especially since these models demand more attentiveness than ever before. The collaborative Pooling Approach is the cost efficient alternative for modelling your sub-portfolios. Take a look!


Citigroup fined $400 million for risk management deficiencies 

Citigroup is to be fined $400 million for shortcomings in risk management and other internal control processes. The OCC cited “serious and longstanding deficiencies and unsafe or unsound practices” in their risk management and data governance. 



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