Issue 8 | 24 November 2020

Fintech Leaders virtual event launches this week!

CeFPro launches the inaugural Fintech Leaders Virtual Convention & Awards for 2021 – taking place February 2-3, the 2-day Convention provides insight on the findings of the 2020 survey alongside key fintech trends and awards for best in category across a host of topics.
Visit for all information once agenda is announced.


Complimentary third party risk and enhanced due diligence webinar

Join CeFPro and ProcessUnity and learn how to virtually extend your team and enhance vendor onboarding and ongoing monitoring with external cybersecurity ratings, financial health scores and other expert content.
Webinar is available on demand here


Building cyber resilience to protect customers and the institution

CeFPro interviewed Phil Masquelette, CRO, Ulster Savings Bank on innovation in the industry to defend against cyber attacks, approaches to align risk and security teams and the evolution of cyber resilience.
View the full interview here


Biden victory brings in tougher environment for US banks

Banks could face significant regulatory and tax changes under Joe Biden’s new administration from January 20 under a shift in priorities. Changes are likely to be rolled out relatively slowly as the administration focuses attention on economy battered from the effects of 2020.

The Banker


Planning in periods of extreme uncertainty
The COVID-19 pandemic combined with U.S. fiscal and monetary responses creates a cauldron of potential future economic scenarios which are causing unprecedented challenges for financial institution (FI) managers working to prepare 2021 plans. These managers need to move away from traditional practices which consider a limited range of scenarios and strategies as they develop their 2021 plans. 

Innovating treasury departments to keep up with fintech advances
The fintech revolution has seen many outdated technologies streamlined and transformed, however many corporate treasury departments remain bypassed and have struggled to keep up with developments.



What are the four hidden costs of legacy consolidation software?
For many, consolidation is a process that simply exists. We don’t refine it. We don’t tinker with it. We don’t look at ways of innovating it. We *think* we have what we need, even if the process isn’t ideal. CCH Tagetik shares how you can speed up, improve and reinvigorate your consolidation process in this paper.


Using AI to reshape finance

Banks and technology companies continue to find ways to leverage big data and artificial intelligence in finance, the industry watched as the announcement of a deal with Barclays credit card business and Amazon revealed plans to use AI to approve credit and predict what services clients will want next.

Events & Webinars:
AI & Machine Learning Webinar
Fraud Prevention Webinar
Global TPRM: Cross Industry

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