Issue 11 | 16 December

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Lessons learned from the pandemic and adaption of business models

CeFPro interviewed Eirini Etoimou, Group Procurement Manager, Odeon and UCI Cinemas to discuss diversifying supply chain concentration, how Covid-19 has impacted business models, maintaining supply chain relationships and lessons learnt in 2020. View the full article here.


CeFPro Magazine – Issue 17 free download

As we near the end of 2020, CeFPro Magazine provides insight into some of the key topics and trends across the year. Focusing on the impacts of Covid-19 alongside ESG, Non-Financial Risks, ALM, Resilience, Credit Risk and much more. Click here to subscribe to the magazine and download your complimentary copy.


Public confidence in banks at 10 year high partially due to Covid-19

After hitting rock bottom after the 2008-9 global financial crisis, public confidence in UK banks hit a 10 year high. It is thought to have been partially as a result of the many relief schemes put in place to manage the Covid-19 crisis.

The Banker


Financial intelligence sharing and privacy: can you have both?

Sharing information on financial crime is key to preventing it. But is this possible under GDPR? Join this webinar where financial, technology, and legal professionals discuss real-world case studies on how innovative Privacy-Enhancing Technologies can enable firms to join forces while preserving privacy.


Investors hedge against inflation risk as Covid optimism grows

With increased optimism as a result of rollout of Covid vaccines, markets are seeing faster growth in nominal GDP and company profits. Economists continue to try to upgrade real GDP growth projections for once the current wave of Covid-19 is controlled.

FT; Related read: FT


Value creation in finance leadership going into 2021

Is COVID a reset moment that has been long overdue? What has been learnt over this time? During this Panel Discussion hosted by CCH Tagetik, Finance leaders cover value creation strategies - rebuilding revenue streams & focusing on innovation and digitalisation to navigate this time.


Cyber risk is the new threat to financial stability according to IMF opinion-piece

As consumers become increasingly reliant on digital financial services, cyberattacks have tripled over the last decade with financial services the most targeted industry.

IMF Blog


The future of the City of London as a financial center as Brexit negotiations near conclusion

The June 2016 vote to leave the EU prompted a scramble in rival financial centers to London across Europe to attract jobs and assets expected to leave London. The numbers leaving London have so far been far less than expected.



FSOC identified Covid-related financial stresses in 2020

The Financial Stability and Oversight Council identified the pandemic caused a contraction of economic activity at an unprecedented pace. The sectors suffering the harshest decline include airlines, energy, transportation, hotels and restaurants.


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